• Cone Beam CT (3D x-ray)

    When conventional x-rays are inadequate to diagnose a dental problem, Dr. Regenold uses a low-dose radiation 3D x-ray machine called a cone beam CT to visualize teeth and jaws in three dimensions. This can help show abscesses, cysts, and tumors that might not be detectable with other 2D x-rays. A 3D x-ray can also be utilized to virtually plan an implant surgery to verify that adequate bone is available and the right size implant is being used.

    Dr. Regenold uses the Vatech Green CT2 that uses up to 70% less x-ray radiation than other dental cone beam CT machines and is typically less than the background radiation you would receive over two weeks. In comparison, medical CTs expose you to radiation that is equivalent to years worth of background radiation.

  • Digital X-Rays

    When it is necessary to take dental x-rays, we use digital sensors that require far less radiation than standard film based x-rays. Also, no caustic chemicals are required to develop digital x-rays. Digital x-rays are displayed for viewing immediately with no processing wait times making for a quicker appointment.

  • Intraoral Scanner

    Dr. Regenold utilizes an intraoral scanner to make a digital model of your teeth in situations that would have previously required a mouth full of goop. Now a camera takes hundreds of pictures of your teeth and reconstructs a digital model that can be used to make crowns and bridges, nightguards, bleaching trays, and clear orthodontic aligners.

  • Soft Tissue Laser

    Soft tissue lasers are often used to cleanly remove excess gum tissue or tongue and lip ties. Soft tissue lasers can also be used to stimulate healing after a deep gum cleaning or shorten the healing time for a cold sore.



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